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Math Academy Inc., was founded in 2007, with the goal of becoming the first choice in progressive online tutoring. Math Academy excels at providing innovative and individualized educational solutions to the students all accross the globe. Whether you are in high school, college, university or graduate studies, or an adult wanting to learn math for your own personal interest, we are here to guide you on the path to achieving success and enjoyment in mathematics.


We Are Always Sensitive To Your Learning Styles And Your Academic Goals

We don’t use tricks or gimmicks. Our tutors emphasize a thorough understanding of the subject mtter. This allows students to build confidence and succeed in their coursework, as well as providing the tools necessary to excel in examinations and standardized testing.

High school, universities, and other educational establishments, are often overcrowded. Instructors are frequently unable to provide adequate time and attention to mathematical concepts. When taught properly, mathematics should be both fun and rewarding.

Students often struggle because they are left by faculty to work on their own with little or no guidance. Working with Math Academy provides you with the individual attention and expertise necessary to learn. With Math Academy, you will thoroughly understand the concepts that may be preventing your personal success. Our goal is to make you understand, and in doing so, we prepare you for exams and tests. During your session our tutor will assess your individual abilities and will craft your lesson plans accordingly.



Group Sessions



Our tutors are experts. Every single one has excelled in their own studies. But it is not enough that they achieve high grades, they must also show they are deeply dedicated to mathematical understanding and possess a need to teach others.

Tutoring companies, often provide tutors who have achieved excellent grades, but who don’t necessarily have the ability to impart knowledge or teach. We believe that one must not only have a math degree in order to understand the subject comprehensively, but must also be fully versed in mathematical education.

We at Math Academy ensure that our tutors can deliver the subject matter well. They know the material and they know how to teach. We keep a curated set of incredible tutors from around the world and know them all well. At Math Academy, we ensure that learning mathematics tutoring is accessible to as many people as possible.

Our rates are reasonable, our methodology is unique.

Math Academy is the first choice in Mathematical Education.

 Transparent Pricing

Many tutoring companies can vary their prices from client to client.

We offer clear and consistent pricing, available to view here on our website

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