frequently asked questions - math academy tutoring
  • What courses do you tutor?

    You can find our detailed course list here. If your course is not listed, contact us anyway. We probably have a tutor who can help you as most of our instructors hold graduate degrees in their fields.

  • What ages/grades do you tutor?

    We tutor middle school, high school, college, and graduate – all ages from children to adult.

  • Do you tutor test prep?

    Yes we have extremely qualified tutors to help with standardized test prep including the math sections of the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and many more.

  • What makes Math Academy different from other tutoring services?

    Math Academy hires highly experienced tutors, many with graduate degrees, who are experts in their fields. Our tutors specialize in creating customized lesson plans to make sure each student succeeds. Our online model provides scheduling flexibility and allows students to learn from the comfort of their own home.

  • Is there in-person tutoring available?

    We offer in-person tutoring in select cities and are continually working to increase the number of locations for our in-person tutoring. You can find our list of locations here.

  • How much does tutoring cost?

    You can find pricing information for both in-person and online tutoring HERE

  • Is online tutoring as effective as in-person?

    Yes. Online tutoring can be even more effective in some circumstances because it allows students to get tutoring in their own home where they feel comfortable and are free of distractions. If you live in an area where you don’t have access to high quality tutors nearby, online tutoring is definitely the right choice for you.

  • How do I sign up?

    You can Sign up by checking out your preferences and with the available courses HERE or by calling us at (800) 643-8019

    You can also book a session with our amazing tutors HERE


  • If you have any questions not featured in the FAQ or would like to discuss possible tutoring, please call us toll-free at (800) 643-8019 or email us at info@mathacademytutoring.com.