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Flexible Schedules

We offer all our tutoring online, unless the student needs it for in-person. This makes it easy for us to work around your schedule. The added bonus is that we are able to pair you with the top tutors in the world, not just your geographical area. 

Customized Programs 

Totally customized programs, individualized just for you, and available on your schedule. We have the expert team of curated tutors with degrees in their subject areas and extensive experience in tutoring. 

Group Sessions Available

Group sessions are available – save by signing up with friends or classmates. We have a special platform for online tutoring and at our facility for in-person tutoring. Group tutoring has never been better. 

Reasonable Rates

Best rates on the market. We ensure affordable prices, and price match guarantee. All pricing information is available here on our website. Compare our prices to other companies, and see how affordable we are.

In-Person & Global Online Tutoring

In-person tutoring is available in New York City (NYC) – Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Boston, MA. Global online tutoring – with the best quality tutors in the world, regardless of geography.

Math Academy Inc., was founded in 2007, with the goal of becoming the first choice in progressive in-person and online tutoring. We excel at providing innovative and individualized educational solutions to any student anywhere. We are based in NYC for in-person tutoring and have virtual tutoring available globally — so anyone anywhere can get the mathematical tutoring resources needed.

Whether you are in high school, college, university or graduate studies, or an adult wanting to learn math for your own professional/personal interest, we are here to guide you on the path to achieving success and enjoyment in mathematics.

We never apply the same method to every student, but develop strategies unique to the position of every client. Tutors construct an individual assessment and evaluate progress to craft lesson plans accordingly. Our tutors share an experience-based  capacity to communicate the material to those coming from different perspectives This allows students, no matter where they begin, to develop the techniques that confidently ensure success and excellence in their coursework, and examinations.

Remedying a Systematic Problem in Education

High school, universities, and other educational establishments are often overcrowded. Instructors are frequently unable to provide adequate time and attention to mathematical concepts leading to the common problematic situation of students struggling with what formula to apply, rather than understanding the concepts.

When taught from the fundamentals, mathematics is an enriching field of continuous discovery.

Without targetted & individual guidance that begins at the neglected foundations, success is at most happenstance and correct
answers only probabilistic. We give students the sturdy foundations, as with any mathematical proof, guanreteeing the right answers because the thinking process is complete. Our method is fullproof to eliminate errors. From understanding the ideas, the applications to exams and tests comes easy.

       Flexible Schedules

         Customized Programs

             Group Sessions Available

                 Reasonable Rates

Expertise Makes a Difference

Our tutors are first experts in their specialization. Every single one has excelled in their own studies and contributed to their fields of inquiry. Our standard is more than just grades and degrees. It is not enough that one achieve high grades; one must also demonstrate a deep dedication to the pursuit of higher knowledge and the desire to share this knowledge with others.

We know the material and how to teach. Our rigorous process of selecting and training tutors is the same as our rigor in our proofs. We ensure that learning mathematics is accessible to anyone anywhere.

Our rates are reasonable, our methodology is uniquely tested.

Transparent Pricing

We offer clear and consistent pricing, available to view here on our website