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The Functional Communicativity of COVID-19

An Astro-Socio-Biological Multi-Level Informatic Analysis

Mathematical Sciences Research Report Summary on COVID-19 Pandemic

The Quadratic Equation

The Quadratic Equation Author: James Lowman   The quadratic equation is always the answer. Time and time again,  while tutoring students,  I encounter a resistance to using  an  unfailing  tool  called  the  quadratic  equation.   This  simple  algebraic...

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Statistics as the Logic of Science

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Cardinality and Countably Infinite Sets

Cardinality is a term used to describe the size of sets. Set A has the same cardinality as set B if a bijection exists between the two sets. We write this as |A| = |B|. One important type of cardinality is called “countably infinite.”

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