Data Analytics

Reconstructing Laplace’s Probability Calculus

 We provide data analytics computation and analysis for consulting-based projects in research & development in the mathematical sciences. We offer data analytics, as well as custom automated data-analysis information-processing system development, especially for quality-control & measurement purposes.

Our mathematical sciences experts are working in the industry, academia, and government.  They are from a diverse background of applied and pure mathematical fields, allowing us to perform Data Analytics using a range of statistical and modeling tools to gain insights in research and development, or for the advantages of your business.

For Students

We offer a 12-week Data Analytics Course (“Research in Data & Systems”) focused on developing individualized student research projects into problems of the day using data science methods and techniques of system development.  These projects that may be used for highly-skilled job or funding applications.  This course has weekly friday group lectures, a research colloquium of student research presentations every other wednesday, and 2 hours of weekly individualized tutoring in areas of interest to develop specialization.  The course syllabus is  I: Scientific Research Methods, II: Interpreting Data & Studying Anomalies , III: Measurement Techniques & Statistical Analysis, IV: Modeling & Stochastic Processes, & V: Advanced Topics & Communication Systems. 

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