Do you want to prepare your child’s math skills for the next school year during the summer?

We tutor your child in 5th through 12th grade basic to advanced mathematics so they can go from 70's to 80's or higher in 2 hours a week of regular tutoring sessions for a minimum of 2 months

...without you needing to worry about changes in teachers at their school or having to teach yourself Common Core or New Math

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Our Passion for Teaching Children to
( really ) Understand Math

Hey, it’s me again David Yakubov, founder and owner of Math Academy Tutoring.

Our company has had 13 years of experience in helping approx. 1,264 parents who have children struggling in math go from ’70s to 80’s or higher in their math classes.

And if you keep reading below you’ll discover what is stopping your child from excelling in math…

You may think that if “I just figure out this Common Core stuff or New math” or if ” I just had a good teacher every year for my child.”

“My child would do so much better in math.”

Now, what if I told you that the solution to your child’s math challenges doesn’t mean constantly trying to keep up with curriculum, standards, or teacher changes each year.

Sounds too good to be true but actually, this solution is based on adapting to the current educational climate of math standards in public schools and to a lesser degree private schools.

Everyday after work you sit with your child to check on their math homework and you're faced with weirdly over complicated problems you've never seen before

..that would make even a Electronics Engineer frustrated ...

Common Core or New Math. 

 These were the standards that changed the way you and your child did math, forever.

Your schools may have said that they got rid of it but the Fact is Common core is still alive till today in 2021, through different names like Eureka Math or College Career Ready Standards.

And your child’s homework and tests are filled with the remnants of it.

Common core was supposed to create a deep understanding of math by having your child explain how they got to an answer

But instead, it’s caused many parents and children to get frustrated quickly with the way problems are worded.

And the standards  ACTUALLY punish kids for getting the right answer because they don’t explain out their answer or some other ridiculous reason, like ” do it in Base 10.”

That’s why your child still uses math shortcuts, the ones they learned in elementary ( memorizing multiplication tables ) and now continue to use in middle/ high school, ( memorizing the quadratic equation, etc ) 

It makes math easier and enjoyable

And who could blame them…

If math is annoying and frustrating.

Of course, you’d try to make it easier so it’s more enjoyable and not much of a hassle

Even you as a parent have looked at their math homework and told your child at some point “ this is dumb, let’s do it the way I learned it back when I was in school.”

But this brings up the bigger problem of trying to avoid Common Core and to make math easier to do…

...Your child doesn't understand why they're doing math because Common Core didn't teach it , even thought its main purpose was to teach your child how to understand math.

As a result, your child relies on shortcuts like memorizing formulas or skipping steps in a word problem to get to the answer cause it's easy to do.

But these act as crutches and can even be detrimental to learning more complicated forms of math..

...and that's the trap , it works to a point but then it's all downhill from there.

If you're worried that this problem is unique to your child?

You're not alone.

We've seen thousands of parents our tutors work with, fall into this very same trap with their child

Even though this is common, most parents are unaware that these bad math habits are developing right now.

Because they’ve seen their child do so well in other math classes in previous grades that they don’t see their child’s challenges when they reach the advanced math material…

They think “ He/she did well in math last year so let’s wait it out and they’ll improve…”

It only hits them when they see their child’s grades sink into the 70’s consistently in their math classes that they need to do something about it.

And you’ve probably gone to tutoring centers and even private tutors recommended by your school or friends and family to get that increase in their percentage.

But you soon find yourself either dealing with high school or college students who got an A in Calculus or Geometry but don’t know how to teach it a.k.a. “ one-hit wonders.”

Or tutoring centers that promise you that their tutors know advanced math and then do a 180-degree turn and tell you they can’t.

Even worst they teach your child tricks to get good grades on tests but then those tricks stop working after a while, wasting your money.

And now your child’s math skills are exactly where they were months ago when you first talked with their teacher about their dipping math grades.

All the while a new school year is coming up in September and the material is only going to get harder...

But I can show you can change this and redirect your child to getting good at math by doing regular bits of math tutoring and understanding underlying principles of math.

It’s as simple as creating a learning path that is custom-built for your child that gives them a complete mastery of math including advanced math.

Giving your child the confidence to tackle harder math subjects on their own and making basic math a walk in the park.

You can say goodbye to keeping up with frustrating Common Core math standards…

And your child doesn’t need to use, shortcuts or gimmicks, or depend on having a “good teacher” for the school year.

Your child will get the best of both worlds.

Having fun doing math, and understanding math 

All they’ll need is a solid understanding of the core principles of math to apply it their math classes and they’ll have no trouble doing both basic and advanced math to get that increase in percentage

Do you want your child to be our next success story?

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What parents and students are saying...

" I ran into a snag quite a few times with companies that were not bad it was a situation of a misfit. We were offered help and replacements by most companies, they were good but we found them slow and poor listeners.

Math Academy was prompt, cost effective and the teachers they provided were an excellent fit for my nephew.We paid for 10 lessons in advance, but only 5 were enough to get us home. Math Academy refunded the payment for unused hours, which according to contract they could have not. Wish you all the best!”
Leo P. Shelly, Columbia University, New York
“I had some problems in my math classes because I did not have the background that enabled me to follow my professor during my classes. Then, I decided to look for a tutor. Unfortunately, it was hard to find one until I reached out to Math Academy. After they helped me to find one, I started to understand the subject better and got the grade I wanted. What I like about Math Academy the most is if you feel you are not comfortable with your tutor they can find another one.”
Yasser Al Shatri, New York University, NYU
“I highly recommend Math Academy’s hand-picked academicians for any student’s needs in the areas of advanced Science and Math. It is unusual to find this level of tutoring with such a reasonable fee structure.”
D. Gottlieb, Nassau County, New York
“My son used the Math Academy for tutoring in Math Regents. The tutor he had was knowledgeable, patient, and a good communicator. He was also able to help my son review and prepare for the Physics Regents as well. The prices make it the best buy in town !”
Julia Fisher, mom of Nicholas, Brooklyn Tech High School,
New York
I am an older student going back to school late in life to change careers. I am required to take math. I haven't done math in over 30 years since I last graduated from college. It was a big change for me especially starting back to school during COVID and I had to do it virtually. Jim is my tutor and he has done an excellent job of tutoring me. He takes his time to make sure I master each concept before we move on. He has a great way to remember and perform formulas and equations. My tests scores greatly improved because of Jim. I would highly recommend David and team.
Brent Evans

Here’s a Small Selection of our Expert Tutors who’ll tutor your child

James Lowman

Complex Math Tutor

James has a Bachelors of Math from University of Waterloo in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Engineering

With his engineering perspective he’ll show your child the underlying structure of advanced math, including Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus 1, 2, 3 Linear Algebra, Fluid Mechanics, Ordinary Differential Equations etc.why it works, and how your child can learn advanced math to master basics

Georgii Riabov

Probability and Statistics Tutor

Georgii has a PhD in Probability and Mathematical Statistics.

He’s a Fellow researcher at the department of stochastic processes, Institute of Mathematics, Kyiv. He applies advanced math to his job as researcher using mathematical models to organize data for research projects. And he’ll be able to help your child in solving complex math problems that involve probability and statstics 

Justin Petrillo

High School Math / Statistics Tutor

Justin Petrillo is the lead instructor for Data Science at Mathematics Academy. He is a Research & Development Data Scientist, having worked as a Statistician, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Research Software Engineer in many different scientific projects, ranging from Geophysics research on the drying of the Sahel for NOAA, air pollution in Camden, NJ

Your child will learn from him how to see the real-world applications of using statistics. And in turn enjoy doing this type of complex math

We've got your back

Here’s the exact steps our tutors will use to get your child from 70’s to 80s or even higher in their
math classes next year...

1.Finding strengths and weaknesses

First, we see where your child is at with Math.  Whatever math subject your child is having trouble in, for example, let’s say your child is having trouble with Algebra.

The tutor will test them on basic arithmetic and taking them up each math level to see where they struggle and where they do well on. 

By doing this the tutor finds out exactly what the core math challenge is for your child and engages your child by asking them questions about the assessment to make them feel listened to, opening them up more to learn math.


2. Pair your child with a dedicated tutor

The second step after that is to pair your child with one tutor your child can relate to and get along with.

As soon as your child has found a dedicated tutor they love, the tutor is going to give your child individual attention and craft the program according to their specific needs and learning preferences. 

Our tutors will take math back to the basic level so your child talks positively about math as they learn, so they get quick wins that boost their confidence and tackle math problems that had before paralyzed them with anxiety.


3. Regular practice to build math competency and lasting confidence

Thirdly, It’s all about practicing math regularly the minimum 2 months for 2 hrs each week, no shortcuts.

If they’re grades are in their seventies, then once or twice a week would be enough.
If they’re in their eighties, then once a week is ok

Math is something that requires practice, there are no quick fixes despite all the claims out there and we’ll show you how to practice math and our tutors we’ll show your child how to approach math in an understandable way that they’ll like and enjoy it.


4. Moving up math levels and get to that 80 percentile or higher in next year’s math classes

Finally, as your child has gotten in the rhythm of practicing math our tutors will adapt to your child’s learning patterns.

If things are going well we go deeper so they can challenge and push themselves and if they aren’t doing well we go back and make sure your child is learning the level of math at their level.

At this point, your child has mastered the basics and is doing advanced math well enough to get their scores up to the 80’s, relax and enjoy the rest of the summer and be confident that your child is ready for the next year


What's this cost?

Now, if you’re trying to do this your self you’d have to spend 5-8 hours flipping through textbooks and Youtube videos to find the right info to teach your child.

And even if you find a ton of free resources, you’d still be overwhelmed with filtering through all those things to create the right practice for your child. Not to mention the time it takes to understand the math material and then teach it to your child.

Who will stare at you rolling their eyes because you’re the parent and that gives them a license to make your life harder 🙂

If you’re trying to buy tutoring services from a competitor like Advantage Testing, Huntington, Sylvan, Kumon, or any other tutoring company you’d be spending a range of $3000- $6000 in total tutoring session expenses for a year from hourly/ fixed packages.

So that’s why you can choose one of our tutoring packages for your child below for only…

$525, $1245, and $2595 to get your child to an 80 or higher in their math classes next year

Choose the perfect plan ( 5th -12th Grade Math )

Our plans allow for you to pick a plan that works for your child and their level of math help they need. With no hidden fees, what you see is what you get.

Buy a plan and get started with math tutoring for your child to get from 70’s to 80′ or  higher


ESSentials Pack

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COmprehensive Mastery Pack


Scholar Pack

Imagine you can...

Finally solve this and get your child to learn math ...
( one less thing to worry about at the end of your workday ) ...

You’ve read through our company’s offerings and I know you’re excited for your child to learn math skills that will last through their school years and life

So go ahead trust your gut, and do it for the most important reason you and I know you’re doing this for, to give your son or daughter the math skills to succeed in school.

And see them smile again because they love math and are enjoying school again, finishing their math homework on time.

So you can get that much-needed shut-eye from those late-night math homework rituals, and get back to your work and career with a clear head.

Click here to go to the bottom of the page and buy one of our packages to see your child actively learn math 

What's at stake for your child ?

So, I know you’re on this page because you want your child to get to 80% or higher and you’ve seen your child isn’t doing well this year in math.

So you’re not confident that they’ll handle next year’s math material well.

If you end up not getting tutoring for your child, especially during the summer, whether it be with us or any other tutoring…

Your child that isn’t doing well in Math already, will face the “Summer Slide.”

A study done by Lynch and summer learning expert James S. Kim, an associate professor at Harvard Graduate School states that “ It’s likely that most of the resulting loss involves procedures, not general concepts, the researchers say …it’s easy for a student  to forget the set of steps to solving a long division problem.”

This means your child when not exposed to math regularly in an engaging way will lose the few things they did learn this year in math.

And this will cause your child to start the school year trying to remember what was taught last year.

Scrambling to pass tests that will come with harder math material as math builds on itself.

It’s better to nip this in the bud as soon as you can to prevent this downward spiral from happening.

Hopefully, I’ve laid out for you how urgent this is needed for your child…

But it’s up to you to make the decision for them and give them the math skills they need; not just to pass their math classes next year in their 80’s…

but to have lifelong skills that keep benefiting them for years to come.

Don't delay , spots are limited because we want our tutors to give care and attention to each of the students. Including your child

Choose the perfect plan ( 5th -12th Grade Math )

Our plans allow for you to pick a plan that works for your child and their level of math help they need. With no hidden fees, what you see is what you get.

Buy a plan and get started with math tutoring for your child to get from 70’s to 80′ or  higher


ESSentials Pack

Most Popular


COmprehensive Mastery Pack


Scholar Pack

Frequently asked questions

We’ve  been in this business since 2007. We started doing this through the school and colleges back then, and now, majority of the tutoring are all been provided online. We provide both Online and In-person tutoring.

 If your child has an upcoming test or assignment that is weighted heavily, Our tutors can table the process and adapt to your needs to practice for the upcoming test and do the assessment next time. Then we can help your child prepare for the test 

Yes this does. Our tutors understand Common core , being through schools that use it and can teach it but more importantly our tutors don’t teach your child just to learn for the state standards or curriculum but will teach your child how to understand math so whatever is put in front of them they’ll be able to handle it.


The assessment we do in the beginning with your child allows the tutors to see their math level, and go from there 

 If you need to reschedule your session, let us know 24 hours in advance, otherwise that session will be considered as used. Please make sure that you are available for your scheduled session and at the designated time. Refunds are only available within 7 days of purchase, for sessions not used.

 If your child does at least 2 times a week of regular tutoring for 2 months , this is if they are in the 70’s and want to get 80’s that is a time requirement for constant practice. If you do more than that like 3 times a week for a whole school year the improvements in math will be evident and long lasting

That’s a common concern by the parents, because when they see their child not do well in math they jump to the assumption that they “don’t have a math brain.” When that couldn’t be further from the truth. Math is a skill anyone can learn , what matters most is having a good mindset that “your child can learn math” and then our tutors will create the environment and practice for it to happen faster . So your child does have the ability to get good at math even better than you think even if you don’t think it’s possible now.

We’ll be completely upfront with you , there’s no quick fix for this because really low math grades means your child doesn’t understand the underlying principles of math. But that can be fixed by our tutors finding their weak points in math and pairing that with regular practice, even more practice then a child who has a 70 to get to 80’s.

if you have any other questions on results and expectations about tutoring feel free to email me personally at

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