Let's get you started with Basic & High School Math

Whether you need tutoring in Arithmetic, Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, or Honors Math Classes, we got you. Here you can find the Basic & High School Math course bundles, as well as test prep classes. 

Basic School Math

Basic Prep


4 Hours


This plan is usually used for a quick review for test prep.

Essentials Pack


10 Hours


This plan is usually used for one or two months of tutoring.

Popular Pack

Comprehensive Mastery Pack


25 Hours


This plan can be used for a school term, for regular weekly sessions.

Scholar Pack


60 Hours


This bundle is usually used for school term or an academic year of tutoring. It can be used for sessions of 2 to 3 times per week.

What's Included?


Dedicated Tutor that best matches your learning style and your needs.


Regular sessions on a fixed or flexible schedule.


Can share your pack with another course within the same level for free.


Flexible transfers of packs with your group.

Your Course Not Listed?

Please write to us. We will develop a custom bundle with your chosen course and schedule that best works for you.

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