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Take our 12-week program, and learn everything you need to know for your career in data science and data analytics.


Measure Theory
Stochastic Processes
Dynamical Systems
Information Theory

(Prerequisites to be taught as needed)

You can join our Data Science Program either as either a standard 12-week course or alternatively as flextime according to your needs and schedule. The standard course is 2 hrs of individualized tutoring weekly for 12 weeks, including supplementary group Zoom lectures and participation in public research colloquia to develop student research projects, but we can also work flexibly to develop alternative learning programs.

This program develops students’ skills in data science for job placement as data scientists or in other roles requiring intensive data analysis (see data science job list) in a variety of institutions – start-ups, non-profit, government, and academia – and in a variety of fields – business analysis, social science, and the natural sciences. We build the specific dimensions of the course of study and problems of applications around the knowledge, skills, and interests of the student. The goal of the course is to develop the capacity to conduct research through the methods of data science and often culminate in a capstone research project to develop a data project portfolio for employers. Although primarily individualized sessions, it will often include group sessions with other data science students for broad-themed lectures and collaborative student research presentations.


Part I: The Scientific Process


  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Experimental Setup

Part II: Measurement


  • The Lebesque Measure
  • Quantum Theory of the Action of Measurement

Part III: Statistical Analysis


  • Summarizing Data via Statistics & Estimators
  • Underlying Distributions
  • Testing Hypotheses
  • Non-Parametric Techniques

Part IV: Stochastic Process


  • Adding time to the evolution of a statistic estimation
  • Markov Chains, Limiting Processes, & Stationary Distributions

Part V: Dynamic Systems


  • Sensitivity in Measurement and Chaos Theory

Part VI: Communication Systems: An Integrative Approach


  • Stochastic Processes are Dynamical Systems
  • A Social & Natural Scientific paradigm of Communicating Systems
  • Data only exists in communication networks

Part VII: Advanced Topics for Individual Research Projects

Data Science Bundle

  • 12 Weeks
  • 2 hours per session
  • $1200
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