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Laplace Transformation

[latexpage] HISTORY Integral transformation data back to the Work of Leonard Euler (1763 & 1769), who considered them essentially in the form of the inverse Laplace transform in solving second-order, linear ordinary differential equations. Even Laplace, in his great work, “Theorie Analytique...

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Riemann Integral

[latexpage] Introduction: The story of integration started with I. Newton, when in the late 1660 he invented the method of inverse tangents to find areas under curves. In 1680, G. Leibnitz discovered the process of finding tangent line to find area. Thus, they had discovered the integration, being...

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Lebesgue Outer Measure

[latexpage] Introduction: The Riemann integral of a bounded function over a closed, bounded interval is defined using approximations of the function that are associated with partitions of its domain into finite collections of subintervals. The generalization of the Riemann integral to the Lebesgue...

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