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Continuity – Calculus

Welcome again to another article!!! This time with a new article in Calculus, and the topic of our journey this time is Continuity; so, after introducing the concept of limits of a function, their properties, and the different operations on limits alongside presenting the indeterminate forms that...

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How to Improve Your ACT Math Score

The ACT Math section, like the other sections of the test, does not test what you know so much as it tests how well you can apply what you know. The actual math on the test is not easy, but it's not as difficult as you probably imagine. For most questions, the primary challenge is figuring out...

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Probability theory – Conditional Probability

Hello again!!! It is time to continue our journey in the field of probability theory; So, after introducing probability theory, the different types of probability and its axioms, and after presenting the basic terminology and how to evaluate the probability of an event in the simplest cases in the...

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Set Theory: Venn diagrams and Cardinality

To continue with the introduction to Set theory, in this second article we will learn about Van diagrams, cardinality, and some of its properties. [latexpage] Introduction: After learning about the relations between sets and the operations on sets and their properties we will learn in this second...

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Set Theory: Introduction

Set theory is one branch of mathematics that is concerned with the study of sets and their properties, size, and their inter-relations (like intersections and unions), in this article we will learn about set theory, the different operations on sets and cardinality, with some illustrating examples....

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Probability: Introduction to Probability Theory

[latexpage] Introduction Probability, or what is also called probability theory is a branch of mathematics, it is concerned with analyzing and evaluating the chances, occurrence, or the results of random events or phenomena; it also studies the laws that rule these events, of course, it is not...

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