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20 professional roles requiring statistics

As explained in the first Lecture of A Tutorial in Data Science - a 10 Lecture Series I wrote to supplement our Data Science course at Mathematics Academy to help you learn the theoretical foundations of this new science - Statistics is the study of measuring the validity of claims and...

How to Hire the Right Math Tutor

The Three Biggest Pitfalls in Hiring a Tutor and How to Handle Them When searching for a tutor there are three major things you need to have in place to ensure a good experience. Having a good tutor can be a great benefit far more bang for your buck than classroom education, but there are three...

10 Ways Tutoring Can Help You

Finding a good math tutor can be essential to your success in school. Tutoring can do much more than just improving math grades. Here are 10 ways in which you can benefit from tutoring. 1. Improve your confidence When working one-on-one outside of the classroom setting, you might find it easier to...

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