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High School

Arithmetic    Pre-Algebra    Algebra

Pre-Calculus    Geometry    AP Calculus

3-D Geometry    NYS Regents Math

Trigonometry      ACT, SAT I, SAT II    SHSAT

Physics    Statistics    Honors Math

AP Computer Science    IB Math

College Test Prep    Admission Test

    Advanced Euclidean Geometry

Math Competitions/Olympiads

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College – Undergraduate

College Algebra    Pre-Calculus

General Physics

Calculus 1, 2, 3

Linear Algebra    College Placement

Statistics and Probability

Physics Chemistry Biology

Advanced Calculus

Ordinary Differential Equations

Partial Differential Equations

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Graduate – Masters – PhD

Real Analysis    Number Theory

Complex Variables    Abstract Algebra

GRE Math Prep

GMAT Test Prep

Cryptography    Topology

Differential Geometry

Advanced Topics in Geometry

Functional Analysis

Numerical Analysis

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Expert team of curated tutors with degrees in their subject areas and extensive experience in tutoring.

We offer all our tutoring online. This makes it easy for us to work around your schedule. The added bonus is that we are able to pair you with the top tutors in the world, not just your geographical area.

Transparent pricing and reasonable rates sets the Math Academy apart from other tutoring companies. All pricing information is available here on our website.

Group sessions are available – save by signing up with friends or classmates.

Customized programs, individualized just for you, and available on your schedule.

Our tutors are fluent in English and posses a fine sense of vocal clarity.

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James Lowman

Computational Fluid Dynamics and all level of math courses


Georgii Riabov

All levels of advanced Probability and Statistics


Khazhgali Kozhasov

Courses under College to Graduate level Mathematics


Tyler Stiene

All levels of Statistics


Check out our excellent tutors by clicking here. You will be able to view the profiles of our tutors and discover that they are not only knowledgeable; they also have a strong interest in teaching. Each one has graduated from a prestigious math program. Most are working on graduate degrees at top-tier Universities. Our tutors are experts in their respective fields, and many are published authors in peerreviewed journals. You will not be disappointed with our team.

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Featured Tutor

James Lowman

Computational Fluid Dynamics and all level of math courses

James has a Bachelors of Math from University of Waterloo in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Engineering. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Applied Science in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics at Waterloo. He has two years of tutoring experience. James prides himself on helping students learn how to enjoy mathematics and all it offers. His personal philosophy is: Learning math is like learning guitar – you only get better by playing.

James is worth selecting as your tutor for his excellent tutoring at following courses;

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Calculus, Linear Algebra, Fluid Mechanics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, and Computational Mathematics, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus 1, 2, 3
  •  All other courses under High School and University level Mathematics

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