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We offer full spectrum math tutoring for middle school, high school, college, and graduate level math. In-person and online tutoring is available, as well as group tutoring. Our tutors can tutor you online via our special platform or in-person – at your home, school, college campus, or at our locations. We can work with you according to your schedule. We are sensitive to your learning styles and your academic goals.

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  • Qualified tutors with degrees in their subject areas and extensive experience in teaching / tutoring
  • Available online, on campus, at home or at other desired locations
  • Group sessions are available – save by signing up with Friends or Classmates
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  • All tutors are based in the US and speak fluent English
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Joshua, College Essays, SAT and ACT Prep & Math
Joshua, College Essays, SAT and ACT Prep
Daniel Koch, High School / College Math and Physics
Daniel Koch, College Math and Physics
Hannah Kravitz, High School / College Math
Hannah Kravitz, High School / College Math

Would you like to meet some of our tutors?

You can find a selection of profiles of some of our excellent tutors here. Our tutors are not only knowledgeable, they also have have a strong interest in teaching. They also studied and worked intensively in their fields. In addition, some of our tutors have published in first-tier peer-reviewed journals and won multiple honorary prizes.

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Featured Tutor

Daniel Koch

High School / College Math and Physics

Daniel is a tutor for high school / college math and physics courses.

He works at Hunter College, on the Upper East Side, as a Physics Lab instructor as well as attends classes as a grad student at The Graduate Center. He posseses over 4 years of tutoring experience, in all levels of math ranging from Algebra through Calculus, and beyond. As a Physics Ph.D student, he has gained exposure to many different specialized subjects of math, and feels confident tutoring numerous college math courses, even spanning into upper division and major courses. In addition, if beginning computer coding is a skill that you are seeking help in, Daniel is fluent in Python and can teach you the basics.

Courses that Daniel can tutor:

  • All levels of High School Math (Algebra – Calculus)
  • High School / College Physics
  • Nearly all College level non-specialized Math courses
  • For specialized / upper division Math courses (ex: differential equations, linear algebra, etc.) – inquire and Daniel will let you know
  • Coding – Python, Matlab