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Cardinality and Countably Infinite Sets

Cardinality is a term used to describe the size of sets. Set A has the same cardinality as set B if a bijection exists between the two sets. We write this as |A| = |B|. One important type of cardinality is called “countably infinite.” A set A is considered to be countably infinite if a bijection...

The Quadratic Equation

The quadratic equation is always the answer. Time and time again, while tutoring students, I encounter a resistance to using an unfailing tool called the quadratic equation. This simple algebraic mathematical statement allows a student to find the roots of any clumsy second order polynomial with...

The Natural Logarithm Rules

The natural logarithm, whose symbol is ln, is a useful tool in algebra and calculus to simplify complicated problems. In order to use the natural log, you will need to understand what ln is, what the rules for using ln are, and the useful properties of ln that you need to remember. What is the...

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